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How to Choose Kids Balance Bike

Buying a balance bike for your child is a big decision. It’s probably their first bike and you want to make the right choice. There are so many makes and models available it can be rather bewildering.

The age, height and physical maturity of your child, your budget and how much use it will get will help you decide which balance bike is right for your child. To help you though the decision making process, here are a few questions you’ll want to think about before you buy a balance bike.

1) Do you need brakes on a balance bike?

Not all models of balance bike come equipped with brakes. Whilst this can be off-putting to some parents, it should be remembered that a 2 year old is unlikely to have the co-ordination and response times to use brakes if fitted. With balance bikes it is the feet that generate the momentum, and they are also the main tool used for braking.

2) How heavy is the balance bike?

Very heavy steel balance bikes can be difficult for young children. Your little one needs to be able to hold the bike up by themselves and propel it along. They need to be able to pick it up when they’ve left it on the ground. You need to be able to carry it when they’ve had enough and decide to walk, or get back in the buggy / bike trailer / cargo bike. The lighter the balance bike, the better, is the general rule to follow.

3) Will the balance bike seat grow with your child?

Most balance bikes have a standard seat and post arrangement enabling changes in height to be performed quickly and easily. On some models handlebars can be lowered or raised to take account of child size and get them comfortable for the fun ahead. Check manufacturers guidance to confirm what can or cannot be adjusted.

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